The Greystone team is small but seasoned with over 30 years experience working in Kingston and the surrounding areas.


GSI offers a complete and comprehensive list of investigation services in Kingston
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Kingston Private Investigation Agency

We are Kingston’s one and only, truly local Private Investigation agency.

Private investigation services in Kingston, Ontario, play a crucial role in providing individuals and businesses with specialized investigative solutions tailored to their unique needs. Kingston’s historic significance, diverse population, and thriving business community create a demand for professional private investigators who can navigate a range of cases.




GSI provides experienced surveillance services for all personal and professional matters including Family & Private, Infidelity, Corporate & Civil, Insurance & Litigation and Fraud.


Investigative Research

GSI provides professional investigative support for matters including Asset Searches, Criminal Background Check, Cyber Investigations, Skip Tracing Services and Social Media Monitoring.



TSCM experts employ advanced technology to sweep areas for hidden bugs, wiretaps, or surveillance equipment.


Insurance Investigations

This is an area of specialty for GSI. Experienced investigators delve into accident scenes, assess damages, and scrutinize medical records to validate claims.

Kingston's Complete Investigations Agency

Greystone Investigations offers discreet and comprehensive services in Kingston.

Specializing in insurance and litigation investigations, background checks, surveillance, and infidelity investigations, GSI uses advanced techniques for optimal results. Committed to confidentiality, the agency assists clients in resolving personal, legal, and business concerns.

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